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Hold Music & Messaging

The Power of Hold Music and Messaging Services 

   Using Message On Hold shows your customers that you value their time and that you understand their needs. A customer or caller’s “hold” time is a prime time opportunity to market your company and its products. Here are only a few of the benefits of our MOH service.

  • Project a professional image

  • Promote your product and services

  • Create customer good will

  • Decrease hang-ups

  • Offer helpful suggestions

  • Emphasize seasonal promotions

  • Announce upcoming events, business hours, and location information


   Message On Hold helps your business sound professional. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our service and offer a free 30-day trial so you can experience our MOH service and support firsthand.


   Our Message On Hold (MOH) service is so successful because it eliminates negative customer experiences that result from irritating lag time of waiting “on hold”. Gone are the days of your customers listening to poor quality audio recordings (your bad elevator music equivalent) or silence while they wait. With Message On Hold, your callers listen to messages that are targeted just for them.

In addition to improving customer experience and projecting a sharp professional image for your company, our MOH services drives sales for our customers.

  • One in five customers will buy additional products and services they hear about while waiting on hold.

  • Hang-ups decline from 50% to as much as 75% when companies switch to MOH service.

When you place customers on hold, you have two great opportunities: your customers’ undivided attention and their time. Let our Message On Hold team help you use these opportunities to your business’ full advantage.

  At Please Hold Promotions, we specialize in providing custom-tailored hold music and messaging services that cater to a variety of businesses.  We also offer competitive prices and speedy turnaround times so you can get your hold music up and running as soon as possible.

 So don’t hesitate to contact us today and discover how music and messaging services can help your business succeed!

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